Alfa Green Energy

ALFA Group, in collaboration with cutting-edge technologies like Plasma Arc and Plasma Gasification, operates a pioneering waste-to-energy (WTE) solutions company dedicated to addressing the world's energy and pollution challenges. Through the implementation of innovative technologies, ALFA is revolutionizing power generation by utilizing chemical, toxic, hazardous, and biological waste as fuel sources.


ALFA's systems are available in various configurations, including stationary, portable, modular, and scalable options, tailored to specific needs. ALFA's gasification technology offers an environmentally friendly and efficient conversion of waste into clean energy, encompassing electricity, biofuels (such as biodiesel, ethanol, jet fuel, gasoline, and hydrogen for fuel cells), all while significantly reducing and eliminating the pollutants typically emitted by conventional methods used today.


ALFA's systems incorporate advanced scrubbing and filtering processes to manage and remove toxic byproducts generated during conventional gasification. Additionally, they employ regenerative cleaning techniques to eliminate these byproducts at their source, ensuring the cleanest waste-to-energy solution available in the market. Test

A clean, green, way to generate power with zero impact to our community



In the contemporary era of finite resources, the adoption of a new alternative energy source, like municipal waste, to generate clean energy, represents the substantial change necessary for the long-term sustainability of both human life and the environment. ALFA has recognized innovative waste disposal and treatment systems designed precisely for this purpose. This process constitutes a genuine waste-to-energy (WTE) system that surpasses traditional waste treatment methods in terms of environmental friendliness and commercial advantages. ALFA's collaborations in waste treatment systems involve the application of pioneering technologies known as plasma arc and plasma gasification.