Our Partners and Collaborators

Structured Growth Capital, Inc. is a key member of a senior secured funding group, recognized as one of the nation's premier providers of Monetization Financing. Our track record boasts over 300 successful financings, totaling more than $3 billion. What sets us apart is our unique ability to facilitate transactions across a wide spectrum of industries, presenting several substantial structural advantages compared to conventional financing methods. We execute these transactions efficiently through a streamlined private placement process.

Brown & Root Industrial Services has been in the industry since the early 1900’s and built a legacy synonymous with excellence in providing full-service solutions for every project phase of industrial facilities across the globe. Brown & Root offers a full range of industrial services in industrial engineering, construction, maintenance, turnarounds, soft crafts, and specialty services. 

Led by a core leadership team with many years of valuable experience and a singular focus on customer service, we work with companies in the downstream, refining, petrochemical, chemical, pulp & paper, alternative fuels, clean energy, and manufacturing industries to execute projects, solve challenges and achieve success.  

Long Engineering is a land surveying and civil engineering firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Our dedicated team comprises more than 100 professionals, including technical and support personnel, operating across three offices. Despite our expansion, we maintain an unswerving commitment to our employees and clients, striving for excellence in every project we undertake. We actively engage in exciting projects and take pride in our outstanding benefit and compensation packages. LONG is deeply committed to offering avenues for professional and career growth while nurturing a distinctive culture that appreciates personable, empowered, and highly valued employees, all dedicated to meeting our clients' needs.

At KBR, we collaborate with both government and industry clients to deliver purposeful and all-encompassing solutions, with a strong emphasis on efficiency and safety. With a comprehensive range of services, proprietary technologies, and a wealth of expertise, our workforce of approximately 38,000 employees is well-prepared to manage projects and missions throughout their complete lifecycle, starting from the initial planning and design stages all the way through to sustainability and maintenance. Whether it's at the depths of the ocean or in the vast expanse of outer space, our clients place their trust in us to accomplish the seemingly impossible on a daily basis.

deliver differentiated technologies, consultancy services, licensor activities and proprietary equipment that support our customers with their strategic investments, including new grassroots facilities, major upgrades and facility operability. Highly technical teams provide the specialist know-how and due diligence to make assured decisions on process performance, energy optimisation and integrity, yield enhancement, and operations management.

Investor Owned electric utility with all its common stock owned by Juno Beach Based Next Era. Gulf Power Company is headquartered in Pensacola Florida, with a service territory that spans over 7,500 square miles in 10 counties and 71 towns in northwest Florida with over 428,000 customers. Gulf Power owns 1,600 miles of transmission lines 7,636 miles of distribution lines Gulf Power serves 394,772 retail customers directly and another 14,128 customers through the wholesale delivery of electricity to one investor-owned electric utility and one municipality.

CSX Transportation is a Class I freight railroad operating in the eastern United States and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The railroad operates approximately 21,000 route miles of track

Gulf Coast Energy Network was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit coalition of prominent business, government, and environmental leaders who promote the efficient use of energy and water resources to benefit consumers, the environment and economic growth. GCEN supports energy efficiency as a cost-effective energy resource under existing market conditions and promotes the use and expansion of alternative forms of energy. We advocate for energy-efficiency policies that minimize costs to all sectors of the economy and that lessen greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the global climate. The GCEN works with our industry partners to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency and alternative energy under market conditions. We encourage investment in the most cost-effective manner to expand these markets and conserve our natural resources.

The Westinghouse Plasma Gasification technology has successfully processed municipal solid waste, auto shredder residue, sewage sludge and a variety of caustic hazardous materials. From a demonstration and pilot perspective, the list of feedstocks processed expands to include biomass, river and petrochemical sludges, ash and over 100 other feedstocks. Westinghouse Plasma Gasification technology provide energy solutions that are commercially proven, environmentally friendly, flexible and economical. Westinghouse Plasma provide service and support for engineering, equipment, design integration, start-up support and service parts, from greenfield solutions to meet the needs of new power or liquids production to retrofits of aging coal and oil fired power generation facilities.

Aeroderivative Gas Turbines. Operational flexibility is inherent to GE’s portfolio of aeroderivative gas turbines and a critical component of our customers’ success. We understand the importance of speed and flexibility when it comes to responding to power demands. Our gas turbines are designed to meet these challenges with efficiency and cost effectivenessGlobal Power Generation Solutions. For over a century, GE has invested in the research and development of power generation technology. Our goal is to bring reliable, affordable, and accessible power to a billion more lives around the world, energizing homes, schools, businesses, and creating endless potential.

​ Uniformance Suite provides powerful data analytics capabilities to enable customers to capture data, visualize trends, collaborate, predict & prevent equipment failures, and make informed business decisions.

Siemens Energy Services—it’s the driving force keeping your facility operational. But rising energy costs, environmental mandates and aging infrastructure continue to challenge the nature of energy and facility management. Siemens Energy Services delivers an approach that is defined around your specific value priorities and success metrics—regardless of your facility type, location or age, and overall condition of your building’s systems and subsystems.