ALFA Group LLC operates through a partnership established among various governmental and private industry entities. This collaborative approach enables urban governmental agencies to enhance their community's long-term sustainability. By harnessing waste as a means to generate power and revenue, this process helps rid their community of contaminants while reclaiming previously unstable land.


ALFA's dedicated team, working in conjunction with their partners, efficiently manages and maintains operations to maximize productivity, the production of clean fuels, and energy generation.






ALFA's management is led by prominent industry specialists, manufacturers, and operators of clean green technologies. They offer comprehensive support in commercial, financial, logistical, and administrative aspects of the WTE plant's operations, ensuring that the partnership stays current with the development and enhancement of technologies. 



International Presence


It is crucial to adopt a global perspective, as this issue impacts communities worldwide. ALFA acknowledges this opportunity and has forged connections with various governmental communities across the globe, solidifying ALFA's position as an international green power service provider.



The World Economy


The global economic downturn has affected every country, making products and services like those provided by ALFA and its partnerships have a profound impact on the local economy. By cleaning our communities and converting solid municipal waste and other refuse into green power, we enable local economies to flourish.       



It is recognized that the implementation of these technologies is a costly endeavor, one that has deterred many from adopting cleaner, greener solutions. Instead, they often opt for more affordable yet less efficient systems to meet their operational needs. However, ALFA has forged a partnership with two of the largest funds dedicated exclusively to the development and operation of green energy generation and research. This collaboration enables ALFA and its partners to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, utilizing the latest waste-to-energy systems in their plants and generating power well within the regulatory mandates of the EPA and its global counterparts.