ALFA Group LLC. operates under a partnership created between various Governmental and private industry entities, thus allowing urban governmental agencies to increment their longevity within the community. By utilizing waste as means to generate power and revenue, this process ride their community’s of any contaminants while reclaiming land formerly unstable.

ALFA’s team together with their partners, manage and maintain the operations in order to maximize productivity, output of clean fuels and energy generation.






ALFA’s management is dedicated to and headed by leading industry specialists, manufacturers, and operators of clean green technologies.

Providing, commercial, financial, logistical, and  administrative support in every aspect of he WTE plant's operations, allowing the partnership to remain fresh and up to date with developing and or improving technologies   



International Presence


It is important to think globally, this is a problem affecting all communities around he world, ALFA recognizes that opportunity, and has established liaisons in several governmental communities in different parts of the world, establishing ALFA as an international green power service provider.       



The World Economy


Today’s downturn in the economy has been felt by every country around the world, products and services such as those offered by ALFA and its partnerships have a profound impact on the local economy.

While cleaning our communities, we convert solid municipal waste, and other refuse in to green power, thus allowing local economies flourish.          



It is understood that, the implementation of these technologies is a costly effort, an effort that has prevented many from utilizing cleaner, greener solutions, opting for a more affordable and less efficient system in order to operate.

 ALFA has established a partnership with two of the largest funds created solely for the development and operation of green energy generation and research. This allows ALFA and its partners to efficiently operate in a cleaner, greener manner, utilizing the latest waste to energy systems in its plants, and generating power in such manner to fit well below the scope of the regulatory mandates of the EPA and its counterparts world wide.