Our Goal

ALFA Group is a renewable energy project development company that is leading the way toward a global zero waste economy. We do this by developing localized renewable energy projects that advance proven technologies in a zero waste approach, delivering environmental and economic benefits. We work in partnership with municipalities, government, public entities, and corporate industry seeking economically-viable and environmentally-friendly waste disposal solutions. We are dedicated to creating new standards of sustainability worldwide. We are aggressively pursuing projects both domestically and internationally.

Our Approach

ALFA's approach is to implement sustainable renewable energy solutions that address local challenges to establish the foundation and building blocks for zero waste economies in the future. We identify critical waste management problems (problematic waste streams and regions), provide the most advanced environmentally responsible solutions to these problems, and manage the operations, engineering and technological processes to achieve sustainability objectives. We match the best technologies to meet the specific needs and opportunities "on the ground" in any given market. We will build, own and operate environmentally sustainable solid waste-to-energy facilities that generate clean, renewable energy for the benefit of municipal and industrial regions.

In Expertise Alliance

In conjunction with our strategic alliance partners, we offer world-renowned expertise in environmental management, renewable resources development, systems engineering, sustainability, project development, project management and operations.


Many of the technologies utilized by ALFA have been proven in various forms and at varying scales, but we are benefiting from their application to large scale renewable energy solutions in our waste-to-energy systems. One advanced technology we have chosen to utilize is plasma gasification; the only commercially-proven technology currently available, to effectively convert post-recycled waste into abundant products such as electricity, ethanol, green hydrogen, and building materials while resolving environmental concerns and health threats posed by solid waste landfills. In addition to waste disposal and the production of a renewable source of energy, the plasma gasification process creates other commercially viable LEED-qualified products.


In addition to sustainable waste disposal and clean energy production, the benefits of our solutions include creating thousands of local green jobs and careers, generating millions in local sales and property tax revenue, reducing greenhouse gases, eliminating the need for landfills, saving billions in oil imports, producing green energy and higher-value LED qualified products in a zero waste approach, reducing our dependency on oil, investing in local municipalities, recycling the unrecyclable, and fulfilling new standards of sustainability all in an effort to improve the human condition and provide for a better quality of life.