Our Goal

ALFA Group is a pioneering renewable energy project development company dedicated to spearheading the transition toward a global zero waste economy. We achieve this by spearheading the development of localized renewable energy projects that leverage established technologies within a zero waste framework, resulting in significant environmental and economic advantages. Our collaborative efforts extend to municipalities, government agencies, public entities, and corporate industries in search of economically viable and eco-friendly waste disposal solutions. Our unwavering commitment is to establish new benchmarks for sustainability on a global scale, and we are actively pursuing projects both domestically and internationally.

Our Approach

ALFA's strategy is to deploy sustainable renewable energy solutions tailored to local challenges, thus laying the groundwork and infrastructure for future zero waste economies. We pinpoint pressing waste management issues, including problematic waste streams and regions, and deliver cutting-edge environmentally responsible solutions. We oversee the operations, engineering, and technological processes required to attain sustainability goals. Our approach involves selecting the most suitable technologies to address the unique needs and opportunities within each specific market. We are committed to constructing, owning, and operating environmentally sustainable solid waste-to-energy facilities that produce clean, renewable energy, benefiting both municipal and industrial regions.

In Expertise Alliance

In collaboration with our strategic alliance partners, we provide world-renowned expertise in environmental management, renewable resource development, systems engineering, sustainability, project development, project management, and operations.


Many of the technologies employed by ALFA have undergone testing in various forms and scales. We are now harnessing their potential in large-scale renewable energy solutions within our waste-to-energy systems. Among the advanced technologies we've chosen to adopt is plasma gasification, which stands as the sole commercially-proven technology currently available for efficiently transforming post-recycled waste into valuable products such as electricity, ethanol, green hydrogen, and building materials. This approach not only addresses environmental concerns and health risks associated with solid waste landfills but also yields other commercially viable LEED-qualified products, alongside offering waste disposal and renewable energy production.


In addition to sustainable waste disposal and clean energy production, our solutions yield numerous benefits, including the creation of thousands of local green jobs and careers, the generation of millions in local sales and property tax revenue, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the elimination of the need for landfills, savings amounting to billions in oil imports, the production of green energy and higher-value LEED-qualified products within a zero waste framework, decreased reliance on oil, investments in local municipalities, the recycling of the previously unrecyclable, and the realization of new standards of sustainability. All of these efforts are aimed at enhancing the human condition and fostering a better quality of life.