New Bill would create $250 million in Waste to Energy Grants

One of the most energy efficient processes is Waste-to-Energy.  WTE plants convert municipal trash into steam and electricity, providing one of the most environmentally beneficial renewable energy options in the world, generating clean, renewable energy for local communities.

Now U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, is proposing new legislation to create a $250 million grant program that would provide up to $5 million to individual projects.

The “Rubbish to Renewables Act of 2009″ would have this new program be overseen by the US Department of Energy.

Speaking at an existing landfill gas project at the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio on May 28, Brown said “One man´s trash can be another man´s source of clean energy.”

“With the right investments” Brown said, ”we can develop new clean energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create new jobs and economic activity.”

The new bill, which Brown announced today, would create jobs and increase demand for clean energy technology.


 It would provide grants of up to $5 million to fund WTE projects. Grants would be awarded to projects based on their ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create new jobs and economic activity.