Alfa Green Energy

ALFA Group in partnership with new and innovative technologies such as  Plasma Arc, and Plasma Gasification conduct a revolutionary waste-to-energy ( WTE - Waste To Energy ) solutions company, dedicated to help solve the energy and pollution problems facing our world. With innovative technologies such as this,  ALFA is changing the way power is created utilizing chemical, toxic, hazardous and biological wastes, as fuel streams.

Systems utilized by ALFA are stationary, portable, modular, and or scalable depending on the need. ALFA's gasification provides a clean and efficient conversion of waste into clean energy such as electricity, bio-fuels (bio-diesel, ethanol, Jet Fuel, gasoline, and hydrogen for fuel cells, all of this with a sizable reduction and elimination of pollutants emitted by commonly employed methods of today.

ALFA's systems will scrub, and filter toxic byproducts of conventional gasification, and/or, regenerative Cleaning eliminating them at the source providing the cleanest, waste-to-energy solution on the market.


A clean, green, way to generate power with zero impact to our community



In today's world of fixed resources, using a new alternative energy source, such as municipal waste to produce clean energy, can be the real change needed to sustain future life for people and nature alike. ALFA  has identified an innovative waste disposal and treatment systems to do exactly that. The process is a true waste-to-energy ( WTE ) system that is far more environmentally friendly and commercially beneficial than traditional waste treatment processes. ALFA's partnerships in waste treatment systems utilize innovative technologies called plasma arc and plasma gasification.